Starlets of Dance: Meet Celebrity Dancer Dr. Robert Schnarrs

By: Jamie McAllister

After weeks of training with professional instructors, seven survivors will grace the stage at this year’s Starlets of Dance, to take place on November 13 at 2:30 p.m. at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach. Stay tuned to the blog over the next few weeks to learn more about these incredible women who are poised to dance their way into Beyond Boobs! history.

We would love to have you join us as this inspiring celebration of life and dance. Click HERE to purchase your ticket today.

Dr. Robert Schnarrs isn’t your typical surgeon, which is why he got involved schnarrswith Beyond Boobs!, a not your typical not-for-profit, around seven years ago. He was strolling around the MyTime Women’s Show in Hampton, Virginia, when he came across BB! cofounders René Bowditch and Mary Beth Gibson at the BB! booth.

“The three of us got to talking about Beyond Boobs!, and they just seemed like a really fun group,” Rob said.

Rob’s practice became a BB! sponsor, and he also sits on the calendar model selection committee to help choose survivors to represent BB! in their annual A Calendar to Live By. When BB! approached him about participating in Starlets of Dance as a celebrity dancer, Rob had only one question: “Do you know what you’re getting yourselves into?”

Rob didn’t have to think twice about taking part in the Starlets event. He practices at least once a week after work, and he is working on nailing his timing. “I’m really thinking about what to do with my hands, and who to look at,” Rob said. “I’m familiar with the dance routine, so now my instructors and I are working on adding additional pieces.”

Rob’s instructors, Shaye Arluk and Jessica Haynes, have had a blast working with Rob. “He comes into our practice sessions so happy and filled with energy,” they wrote via e-mail. “His positive energy makes us smile, too, even after a five-hour day of teaching dance to children! The best moment was when Rob found out another “Boober!” who was a patient of his was practicing in the studio next to ours. His face immediately lit up and he went to give her a hug and words of encouragement. This is why we think Beyond Boobs! is so important and why we are thrilled to be dancing with them.”

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