From the Desk of

The Good Health Fairy

Dear Ones,

I can’t believe it has been nine years since I first shared my fairy wisdom with you in our fairy special breast health/healthy living manual disguised as a calendar, A Calendar to Live By! Time sure flies when you are scattering joy all around. Mary Beth, my sidekick and co-founder of Beyond Boobs!, assures me, however, that fairies are ageless – especially with the help of Photoshop®. She also assures me that my “4 Gives” message is timeless, so once again I would like to offer this gift to you – a fairy dusted lesson on the two things to give up, the one thing to give to others, and the one thing to give yourself.

Give up stress. It is unhealthy, and too much of it can compromise your immune system, inhibit your body’s natural ability to fight disease, and steal your peace. Happily, we can choose not to allow stress to get to us. To help with this, many at Beyond Boobs!® have turned to a deeper connection with our spiritual natures. Deep breathing, yoga, exercise, hanging out with friends, and my personal favorite, “retail therapy” (shopping!), also relieve stress. As for guilt and regrets, they can lead to all kinds of bothersome worry, so while you are giving things up, just pitch them, too. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, and most everything is small stuff in the big scheme of things!

Give up control. I’ve learned there are so many things I can’t control, such as whether my cancer returns, whether my family members do what I think they should, or what the future holds. All I can really control is my reaction to what happens around me. Realizing you are not in charge will reduce stress and enhance your enjoyment of life!

Give away forgiveness. I’ve also learned the importance of keeping short accounts and forgiving everyone for everything, immediately if I can. Resentment and hurt can take over your thoughts and bring you down. Choose to let them go, and then replace the negative feelings with positive ones. For me, unconditional love (the type described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and that your doggie gives you) has been the key, because this kind of love never fails! Doing this is great for your physical health and your relationships.

Give yourself the “light touch.” Humor is the best medicine! Humor offers a release for physical and emotional tension, and laughter increases many beneficial chemical reactions in our bodies, while lowering the levels of destructive stress hormones. So I encourage you to give it the light touch- don’t take things too seriously, including yourself! Laugh as often as you can, but be there for each other when the tears need to flow.

Cancer changed my life – for the better in so many ways. From it, I learned the lesson of the “4 Gives.” Now each day is richer, fuller, and more precious than ever before. I offer you this gift, in love, to apply to your own life.

With a heart full of caring for you,


The Good Health Fairy