Beyond Boobs! Co-founders                 Mary Beth and Rene

Welcome to Beyond Boobs!® In the autumn of 2006 we were just a small group of young women with breast cancer who came together in Williamsburg, Virginia, to be there for one another. When we discovered that a number of us had delayed diagnoses based solely on being too young or other myths about breast cancer, we realized we had to share with all women (and men!) “The Things We Wished We Had Known” about breast health and to motivate them to take charge of theirs.

We KNEW we needed to pack some punch into the pink ribbon campaign to take women beyond awareness of breast cancer to the action required to ensure early detection. Equipped with humor, a Good Health Fairy, and our mutual experiences, we set out to make a difference and save some lives. The Beyond Boobs! website is overflowing with health information to educate you, inspiring stories and tips to encourage you, and funky Retail Therapy to motivate you to TAKE CHARGE of your breast health.

THIS WEBSITE IS FOR EVERYONE — those who have had breast cancer and those who have not. FOR THOSE WHO’VE NEVER HAD BREAST CANCER (thankfully!), you will find what you need to know about breast health, the four “roadblocks” to overcome, how to manage your risk of breast cancer, steps to ensure early detection, and healthy lifestyle choices to adopt. There are also tips on helping someone with breast cancer, whether you are family or just a friend. If you have had breast cancer or are on that journey right now, you will find lots of encouragement and support, what to do if you’ve just been diagnosed, and how to live well after diagnosis. You may even find one of our “Not Your Typical” Support Groups near where you live, or decide you want to start one in your own community. We are here to help!

Meet our Good Health Fairy® and check out how to bloom where you are planted; how to grow strong immune systems by weeding out stress, worry, guilt, and regrets (unhealthy!); and how to fertilize with forgiveness, humor, and unconditional love (healthy!).

Thank you for allowing us to share our passion for health with you. We are so grateful you found us and would hug you if we could. Wishing you your own healthy garden in which to bloom with Hope, Inspiration, and Power!

With love from the original H.I.P. Chicks,

Mary Beth and  René


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