BECOME A “CHICK N CHARGE” Of Your Breast Health

If you’re old enough to have ‘em, you’re old enough to check ‘em!


  • Your health is YOUR responsibility
  • Even young women (and men) CAN get breast cancer
  • The key to surviving breast cancer is EARLY DETECTION


  • Pay attention to your breasts and to any warning signs they may be sending you. Listen to your body and to your intuition. Intuition can save your life. Perform monthly breast self-exams. Nobody knows your body better than you! We even provide pink happy-face stickers in our “A Calendar to Live By” (under Retail Therapy) to help you remember to do your monthly self-exams.
  • Get regularly scheduled mammograms, clinical breast exams, and other early detection screening methods appropriate for your age and risk level.
  • NEVER dismiss a concern about your breasts just because someone, including your doctor, has said, “You are too young to have breast cancer,” “Breast cancer doesn’t cause pain,” or even “You don’t have a family history.” These are not good reasons to postpone checking out your concern. You may want to hear this type of reassurance, but it also may delay early detection. Likewise, if you are sure of a persistent change in your breast and are told not to be concerned because it is “just a rash,” “just difficulty nursing,” or something else that leaves you wondering, ask for some verifiable detection method to confirm that diagnosis. It may just those, or not. Find out NOW, not later.
  • Do whatever it takes to ensure you are healthy. Request (insist, if necessary—yes, you can insist!) a screening method such as a mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, biopsy, or any other tool that will medically validate or disprove your concern, especially if you have dense breasts.
  • Understand your risk factors, and, if you have a family history of the disease or other personal risk factors, talk to a breast specialist who is able to help you assess your risk and develop the best early detection strategy for you.
  • Please don’t let fear of this disease keep you from taking the steps necessary to monitor your breast health. Ignoring the possibility that you may develop breast cancer does not prevent you from getting it, but it may prevent you from catching it in its earliest stages when the survival rate is very high – like 98 percent! What we know now from experience, we want you to know ahead of time. It could save your life. We are proof that breast cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence; it may even result in a new appreciation and enthusiasm for life.
We of Beyond Boobs!® share this information not to scare you, but to empower you. The information under this Breast Health Education section will give you the power to love and care for your own body. By tending your own “garden,” you will be able to grow, flourish, and enjoy every moment of life.

Breast cancer is no respecter of age – even young women can develop it.