“You have the power, and you can knock out these obstacles!”
Suzi Survivor


Fear of a breast cancer diagnosis and its effect on one’s body and impact on one’s carefully constructed “under-control” life stops many a woman from even thinking about her breast health, much less DOING what is necessary to protect it. Breast cancer can be a woman’s worst nightmare, and no one wants to feel they’ve lost “control” of their life, so these fears are understandable, but we must help each other overcome the fear. Become part of our “breast health movement,” and encourage your sisters, mothers, daughters, and all the women you know to do their monthly breast self-exams and, if of age, to schedule their annual clinical exams and mammograms. Allowing fear to control your actions will not prevent breast cancer, but it may prevent you from taking the steps necessary to ensure early detection. Defeat fear and TAKE CHARGE!


Women today are usually stretched thin – juggling family, jobs, community activities – and the list goes on and on. We nurture and care for everyone else, but fail to take time to DO what we need to do for ourselves. Make your health a priority, and put YOU on your calendar. Go ahead, make a date with your breasts for that breast self-exam you’ve been putting off. And that doctor’s appointment or annual mammogram you have been “just too busy” to schedule? Well, we encourage you to pick up the phone right now and TAKE CHARGE!


“This could never happen to me! I have no family history of breast cancer.” “I eat right, exercise, and never get sick.” “I’m too young to have to think about that!” These are just a few of the myths that keep women from DOING what they need to do. But there is no denying that an estimated 85 percent of women with breast cancer have no family history; healthy living is beneficial, but not a guarantee against breast cancer; and young women really do get this disease. We don’t know what causes breast cancer, but we do know that early detection is our best weapon against it – so please, TAKE CHARGE!


Not knowing what to do (or how to do it) is another roadblock to DOING what it takes to ensure your breast health. That is why we are so thrilled that you have already taken steps to smash right through this roadblock by enrolling in the “crash course” on breast health we offer in our online “breast health manual” (You can have all this information at your fingertips or to give a friend (or several friends!) by ordering “A Calendar to Live By” right here on our website. Knowledge is power, so please enjoy reading the information we have put together for you. And when you are done, we ask you to do just two things: First, joyfully implement as many of the recommendations and healthy lifestyle choices as you possibly can. Then, help all the women in your life by sharing your newly acquired knowledge and encouraging them to live healthy and TAKE CHARGE.

Gale and Kristi know the importance of Early Detection – so please, overcome the Four Roadblocks that keep women from doing what they need to ensure it!


The Good Health Fairy and Mary Beth say, “Don’t let the Four Roadblocks detour you from good breast health! Early Detection is lifesaving.”