BUT ONCE YOU’RE IN IT, YOU SURE DO WANT YOUR “SISTERS”! Many other young women have successfully walked this road before you. We can relate to what you may be feeling right now: fear, uncertainty, lack of control and being overwhelmed by all the decisions ahead of you. We also understand the issues unique to young women with breast cancer, such as raising young families and working while in treatment, having young partners, dating, fertility, premature menopause, and body image just to name a few. We are here to help you along the way.

One thing we learned is that “misery does love company.” 🙂 Seriously, there is something immensely comforting in realizing that you are not in this “boat” alone. We know how much it helps to talk, hang out, and share information with others who’ve “been there or are there right now.” The magic of our locally based “Not Your Typical” Support Systems is young women further along in their cancer journey reaching back to lend a hand to those just diagnosed or in treatment. When this happens, everyone benefits.

Our young women share encouragement, tears, laughter, helpful suggestions, trips to doctors and chemo sessions, “girls nights” out, babysitting, wigs and prostheses, and even “show and tell” with their mastectomy scars or reconstruction to relieve the fears of one just facing surgery. Our Support Systems lighten the load of young women battling this disease and help them to heal and thrive, not just survive. We call it “surthrive.”

If there isn’t yet a Beyond Boobs! Support System in your area. You can find us on Facebook too! And if you want, contact us about starting a BB! Support System in your community.

We send lots of Boober Love and Hugs to you right this minute!