Code of Ethics

  • The mission of Beyond Boobs! Inc. can best be realized by conducting ourselves in the highest ethical manner through a common code of ethics upheld by our officers, board of directors, staff, and volunteers. This Code sets forth our expectations in this regard.
  • We expect integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness in our work and interactions; courage and choosing what is right, rather than expedience in our decisions; and dedication to the Beyond Boobs! values and philosophy.
  • We expect those acting on behalf of the organization to act responsibly and to be accountable and transparent to our constituents and to one another. We share information when appropriate without sacrificing confidentiality.
  • We expect to be treated and to treat others with respect. We respect the opinions of and the differences among individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, abilities, age, or national origin.
  • We expect fairness to be evident in our actions internally and externally. We are equitable in our decisions and mindful of their impact on other groups and people.
  • We expect our actions to demonstrate our care for others and the community as a whole. We support each other in a sensitive and humane manner. We care about the well-being of each other, the community, and the Beyond Boobs! organization.