Philosophy Statement

A growing 501(c)(3) non-profit, Beyond Boobs! is a unique women’s health initiative promoting two missions – breast health education to motivate all and support for young women diagnosed with breast cancer before menopause.  Using a variety of unconventional methods, Beyond Boobs! advocates healthy lifestyle choices to foster general well-being and manage one’s risk of breast cancer or recurrence of the disease.

Through our community-based “support systems,” trained survivors create a welcoming environment for young survivors to receive peer emotional support, information, and help when needed from other members. Our goal is that one day all women, young and old alike, will practice lifesaving steps for early detection and young survivors everywhere will experience the incredible benefits of sharing the journey with each other.

And that name – Beyond Boobs!?  Deliberately sassy, it attracts attention to our breast health action message designed to move women beyond mere awareness of breast cancer to taking action to manage risk and ensure early detection; it helps propel women beyond the immobilizing fear of the disease using healing humor to lighten a very heavy subject; and it proclaims that women can move beyond a diagnosis to live a full life with emphasis!

Today Beyond Boobs! is actively spreading the message of breast health and wellness and extending its special brand of support across Virginia and beyond.