We help Save lives by promoting breast health education and action for all!

Knowledge becomes power only when we put it into use. ~ Anonymous

“A Calendar to Live By”

Our annual Breast Health Manual, cleverly disguised as a useful and uplifting wall calendar is packed with information every woman needs to know to take charge of her breast and overall health. They are available on our website, and every year we donate thousands of these life-saving manuals, our primary educational tool, to health departments, hospitals, schools, clinics and to newly diagnosed women. The perfect gift for all the women you love!

We like to say, “If you’re old enough to have ‘em, you’re old enough to check ‘em.” A Calendar to Live By will show you how, and much, much more!

Have Mic? We’ll Travel!

We offer lively, entertaining presentations on topics such as “How to be a Chick in Charge (of Your Breast Health)” and “How to Bloom Where You’re Planted – Even if Your Pot is Cracked.” Designed to encourage healthy living, our presentations will dispel fear and leave you smiling and inspired. And if you don’t have a mic, we’ll just speak UP.


Retail Therapy

Visit our Retail Therapy Store to buy your own H.I.P. (Hope, Inspiration, Power) ladies’ t-shirts with eye-catching, humorous slogans urging early detection (such as “Check These Out!”) and men’s t-shirts (which say “Early Detector Inspector”) showing their support of the women they love. We also offer other cool products. Therapy has never been so fun!


The Good Health Fairy Program

We believe that a merry heart does good, like medicine. Our Good Health Fairies don colorful gowns, wings, and tiaras and use their sparkly wands to scatter joy (and fairy dust!) everywhere they go! We have trained a flock of Fairies to visit patients in local hospitals and chemotherapy rooms and to flit about at health fairs and other events that promote good health.

Lights, Camera, (Breast Health) Action!

Beyond Boobs! creates fun, clever, public service announcement videos promoting early detection. The pink ribbon has made us all aware, but that’s not enough. At Beyond Boobs! we take it to the next step by calling all women to ACTION and use our videos to show them how to begin. “The Self-Exama” – Disco Steps to Early Detection:

Up Close and Virtual

To learn more about Beyond Boobs! programs, and to keep up with what’s happening, where we’ve been, and where we’re going, drop by for a visit at:

Facebook: Beyond Boobs


Deliberately sassy, we chose Beyond Boobs! to call attention to our “Breast Health Action” message, using humor to get women beyond the obstacles of breast cancer to early detection. Our name also signifies our determination to get beyond the disease that started in our breasts and to live life to the fullest!