Start a Fundraiser and be HERE FOR THE GIRLS!

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How?  Go Beyond Pink by doing your own fundraising activity or event at work or school, so no young woman has to go through this without the help of peers who understand. Here are some easy, fun ideas: dress down or dress pink day, percentage of sales, donation jar, raffle off a prize, or hold an event like a zumbathon, open house, or fundraising party.

Why? Here for the Girls helps young breast survivors heal by offering our not-your-typical support through Beyond Boobs! (in-person) and Pink Link (online). Breast cancer is a difficult journey both physically and emotionally for all ages, but it can be especially devastating to young women who are just starting to build families, careers, and futures and know no one their age going through it.

When? Anytime (breast cancer doesn’t limit itself to October!). 

What? Let your imagination be your guide or pick from our suggestions above.

Get started today! Contact Vicki Vawter by email.

Bonus! Once we know you are Here for the Girls, we can even provide you marketing materials to make your event or activity fun and easy!