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A Breast Cancer Survivor
“Almost exactly a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had no idea what to do and/or what to expect; neither did my friends nor family. I was a 29-year-old single mother in the military, surrounded by people who’ve never experienced breast cancer. I had doctors 1604661_923232561025230_1033042557331587655_nthrowing information at me from every angle and was given days to make critical decisions about my life and my body. An overwhelming amount of ladies that I could relate to came to me with open arms and told me everything I needed to hear at that time. Almost immediately, I knew what to ask my doctors and I had an idea of what to expect from chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, etc. The fear of the unknown can be one of the scariest things ever! Becoming a Boober! [a member of a Beyond Boobs! NYT Support System] has made me feel normal again. This is definitely “Not Your Typical” Support System . . . thank God!”

Rashida S., diagnosed at 29

A Father
“I’ve dealt with breast cancer three times now – as a husband twice and now as the Father of a daughter. In each Kate&Daughterscase, I’ve always viewed my role as one of loving and bringing comfort to one with the cancer.  I’ve always said that I needed to work to meet the needs of the patient and not my needs.   As I watch Kate deal with her cancer, I feel so helpless – unable to provide her what she needs to bring a cure to her problem.  I yearn to find a way to ease her pain and to offer her our love in some substantive way.  She knows we are there for her and she knows we love her, but offering her a place to turn (you and Beyond Boobs) brings comfort to us.  It is something substantive we can offer Kate.”

~ Pat Garvey, Father of Kate, pictured

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