Top 10 Things Everyone Should Know about Beyond Boobs!


I.      Beyond Boobs! is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

We are a service organization that began in 2007. We have support networks in VA, NC, FL, and TX that provide peer support to women diagnosed with breast cancer before menopause. What does 501 (c)(3) mean anyway? Well, it means we are a tax-exempt organization that does not pay income taxes on money received.

II.      We are deliberately sassy and use our name to call attention to our message of “Breast Health Action.”

We use humor to approach the serious topic of breast cancer in order to reduce fear and inspire action.  Also, our name signifies our determination to get beyond the disease that started in our breasts and to live life to the fullest.

III.      We are a health organization.

We offer up to date health information, inspiring stories, and tips to encourage and motivate people to take charge of their breast health. We help our young restore their health and live full lives after a devastating diagnosis.

IV.      We provide support and education in more than one way.

Beyond Boobs! has several support programs and education initiatives to support the whole community. We provide A Calendar to Live By – a useful wall calendar that doubles as a health guide – and several adaptable inspiring presentations like, “How to be a Chick in Charge” and “Surviving Survivorship.”

V.      We use volunteers in all aspects of the organization!

Beyond Boobs! is a grassroots organization with only five employees! Our fabulous volunteers help with everything from events to programs to policy creation and it is thanks to them that we are able to provide so many services.

VI.      We have a Board of Directors.

Like most non-profits, we are governed by a dedicated group of board members. They are 100% volunteer and are helping us plan for the future.

VII.       Our funding is based solely on revenue from events or funds donated to us from the communities we serve.

Beyond Boobs! funds its mission and services with revenue from donations and events. We are not subsidized by the government, nor do we charge a fee to the young women we serve.

VIII.      78 cents out of every dollar we raise goes directly to the young women we serve and the programs we offer.

Want more information on how we spend our money? Please check us out by clicking here or if you are reading a hard copy, please visit us at

IX.      We were gifted with a sister organization, Pink – Link.

In 2015, Beyond Boobs! took over the services for this national non-profit that connects breast cancer survivors anywhere in a virtual world through a secure online (super top secret) forum.

X.      We aren’t like everyone else; in fact, you can call us the “Not Your Typical” non-profit.

Beyond Boobs! leaves the cure to others and addresses the human side of breast cancer by empowering young women dealing with the disease right now until there’s a cure, there’s us. Through our support network, we help them find their “new fabulous” and live life with an exclamation point instead of a period.


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