Are you a young woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 50 or younger? Do you feel like you are falling without a parachute? Did hearing the words “you have breast cancer” hurl you into unknown territory? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

TO RECEIVE SUPPORT, please visit the Here for the Girls website to learn more.

Beyond Boobs! brings women like you together in community-based support systems (currently available in limited states) so no young woman has to make this journey without all the love, encouragement, and knowledge she needs from peers who understand. Here you’ll find sisters (who we call Boobers!) who can help you feel less vulnerable in this new world of doctors, tests, surgeries, and treatments. We share information, tips, tears, laughter, hugs, trips to medical appointments, and even our scars to reduce your fears and uplift your spirit.

Click here to learn more about Beyond Boobs and to see our listing of support groups.