How Do We Spend Our Money?

On behalf of our BB! team, thank you for checking out our organization as a potential recipient of your donation. We are thrilled that you’ve decided to do your due diligence. Beyond Boobs! helps young women who are diagnosed R&MB smallwith the disease now to use a very scary, life threatening diagnosis as a catalyst for positive transformation in order to live life with an ! Beyond Boobs! also educates the community about lifestyle changes that support breast health and overall healthy living.

Over 78 cents of every $ goes to supporting young women in your local community and providing breast health education for the entire community. The remainder is allocated toward fund raising and administrative expenses. 

Did you know that your funds will help to:

  • Send 60 survivors to our annual Sandbridge retreat (which is free to survivors). The cost is approx. $650 per girl for the weekend?
  • Produce and print 10,000 of our breast health educational calendar, A Calendar To Live By. We donate approximately 80% of those calendars, many to community health clinics in an effort to educate the underserved.
  • Financially support our monthly support group gatherings. Last year, we hosted over 180 support group gatherings for our young breast cancer survivors.

We endorse America’s leading independent charity evaluator,Charity Navigator’s Top 10 Best Practices of Savvy Donors.( Maintaining the integrity of our donor’s dollars is in the forefront of each of our financial decisions which is why BB! encourages our donors to subscribe to these practices. 

If you have a question or would like to chat about supporting Beyond Boobs!, feel free to contact us.

Healthy Hugs,

Rene Bowditch & Mary Beth Gibson
Co-Founders, Beyond Boobs! Inc.